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Eggs Benedict ▢8 slices bacon ▢4 eggs ▢2 teaspoons vinegar ▢2 English muffins ▢water Hollandaise Sauce ▢10 tablespoons unsalted butter ▢3 egg yolks ▢1 tablespoon lemon juice ▢½ teaspoon salt

Cook bacon and set aside. (Ham or Canadian bacon works too). Poach eggs. You can do this with an egg poacher or the old-fashioned method. Add water to a large saucepan and fill with water to ⅔ full. Bring to a boil and then add vinegar. Bring water back to a boil and then turn to low to simmer.


Add a cracked egg to a small bowl and slowly pour it into the simmering water, using a spatula to make sure it stays all together. Repeat with more eggs. Cover the pan with a lid, turn off heat, and let sit for 4-5 minutes. Remove eggs (in the order they were placed in) with a slotted spoon.

You may need to change cooking times based on how you like your eggs). Make hollandaise sauce by melting 10 tablespoons butter. Add 3 egg yolks, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, and ½ teaspoon salt to a blender and blend on medium speed for 30 seconds. Eggs should be light in color. Slowly add the melted butter to the blender and blend on LOW until all combined.

While eggs are finishing cooking, toast English muffins. 

Assemble eggs benedict by buttering one side, adding bacon, a poached egg, and then hollandaise sauce on top. Garnish with chopped parsley.

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