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The 6 healthiest foods high in fat


Avocado is rich in healthy MUFAs, which helps in the feeling of fullness and satisfaction after meals," according to Gervacio. 

Nuts, which are rich in healthy lipids, fiber, and vital nutrients, offer an ideal nutritional equilibrium that sustains satiety and vitality.


Olive oil is a heart-healthy option for weight loss due to its monounsaturated lipids and antioxidants, for which it is frequently hailed as a cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet.

Olive Oil

Fish like salmon or mackerel are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that promote heart health and weight loss," according to Gervacio. 

Fatty Fish

Indeed, research indicates that chocolate can be incorporated into a weight loss regimen, albeit with one important proviso.

Dark Chocolate

Although it is important to exercise moderation, including cheese in your dietary regimen can be a beneficial source of protein, lipids, and vital nutrients such as calcium.


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