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17 Best Types of Sandwiches in America

Here is a list of the 17 most delectable sandwich varieties in the United States, accompanied by the restaurants serving their most popular renditions.

Although the English originated the sandwich, the United States undoubtedly perfected it. Certain sandwich varieties that we consume frequently include sloppy joes, peanut butter and jelly, and BLTs. Sandwiches that, in all honesty, are likely to be prepared at home just as well, if not better, than those that are available for takeout.

Subsequently, there exist the sandwich categories that are most effectively handled by experts, the essential sandwiches that span from regional specialties to foreign imports that are worthy of sampling across the nation. Here are the 17 finest varieties of sandwiches in the United States, as well as restaurants serving their most popular varieties.

1. Nashville Hot Chicken

17 Best Types of Sandwiches in America

This white bread dish with pickles and breaded, fried poultry doused in cayenne pepper paste and hot oil that induces perspiration and tingles the lips will have you wanting another. Originating as a tongue-torturing punishment for an unfaithful spouse at Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack, the degree of spiciness at the majority of establishments ranges from moderate to three degrees above hot.

2. Po’ Boy

A local bakery donated these “Who Dat” city classics—consisting frequently of roasted beef, prawns, or fried oysters—on French bread with shredded lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise in support of impoverished union workers amidst a railway strike.

3. Bacon Egg & Cheese (B.E.C.)

17 Best Types of Sandwiches in America

It is said that this breakfast sandwich, which consists of melted American cheese, fried or scrambled eggs, and bacon on a soft Kaiser roll, exploded in popularity during the U.S. Industrial Revolution, when workers required a quick bite. Since then, it has become the quintessential comfort cuisine of New York City.

4. Lobster Roll

Although the New England region may reach a consensus on its finest sandwich, it will perpetually dispute the most effective way to present it. Maine-style, chilled and gently dressed with mayonnaise; Connecticut-style, warmed and adorned with melted butter. In any case, lobster rolls consisting of toasted hot dog-like buns stuffed with chunks of claw and tail flesh are ideally consumed in salty air by the water.

5. Bánh Mì

17 Best Types of Sandwiches in America

This Vietnamese grinder originated in Saigon following World War II, when inexpensive vegetable ingredients and French colonial influence merged. Subsequently, Vietnamese immigrants transported the sandwich, which was customarily constructed from roasted meat (such as pork or chẏ lỡa sausage) and presented on a baguette alongside daikon slaw, cilantro, pickled carrots, and jalapeno slices.

6. Philly Cheesesteak

This sandwich was created in 1930 at the hot dog stand of Pat’s King of Steaks, and then it was expanded upon across the street. Presently, thinly sliced rib eye steak is available at both establishments, grilled with scallions and wrapped in an Italian roll with melted provolone, American, or “whiz wit,” which is equivalent to being submerged in a ladle of Cheez Whiz.

7. Taiwanese Gua Bao (pork bun)

17 Best Types of Sandwiches in America

Popular Taiwanese street cuisine Gua bao, which translates to “cut bread” in Chinese, is prepared by garnishing braised pork belly with cilantro, pickled vegetables (such as mustard greens), and peanut powder. Additionally, the dish is presented on a supple lotus bun that is steamed after receiving its airy rise from a combination of baking flour and yeast.

8. Classic Italian Sub

Refer to it as a hoagie, grinder, sub, or hero. Simply ensure that it consists of a limited selection of Italian cured meats, such as capicola, salami, soppressata, and mortadella, in addition to dressing, lettuce, tomato, onion, and Italian peppers; and that it is assembled on an Italian roll that is sufficiently robust to support the weight.

9. Crabcake Sandwich

17 Best Types of Sandwiches in America

Examine one at its origin to determine how delectable it can become: Lumps of Maryland’s renowned blue crabs are held together with a combination of bread or cracker crumbs, certain binders, and seasonings (such as Old Bay). Subsequently, the lumps are delicately broiled or fried before being placed on a bun.

10. Pastrami on Rye

Originally introduced in nineteenth-century Jewish Kosher delis, this dish consists of freshly baked rye bread topped with sliced hot pastrami (brined beef smoked over hickory) and spicy mustard. For optimal enjoyment, consume the sandwich fresh.

11. Japanese Karaage chicken

17 Best Types of Sandwiches in America

Juicy chicken thighs that have been marinated tatsuta-style in sake and soy sauce, then gently dusted in katakuriko potato starch, double-fried for added crunch, and placed on a bun with creamy Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise comprise the foundation of a traditional karaage (deep-fried) chicken sandwich.

12. French Dip

There is a dispute between two 1908-founded Los Angeles restaurants regarding the originator of this baguette-topped sliced roast beef sandwich accompanied by beef jus for dunking. Determine for yourself who merits the trophy by tasting.

13. Fishwich

17 Best Types of Sandwiches in America

For the ideal beachside snack, order freshly caught fish—fried, grilled, or blackened—on a bun with lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce. The debate is silent.

14. Kentucky Hot Brown

We are willing to grasp this gooey, smothered mound with our hands in order to secure the Southern drenched open-faced sandwich. Nearly a century ago, the Brown Hotel in Louisville invented this dish by layering turkey and bacon on a substantial piece of toasted bread, covering it with a Mornay sauce, and placing it under the broiler. The hangover has been resolved. The impending nap is imminent.

15. Caprese

17 Best Types of Sandwiches in America

This straightforward salad-turned-sandwich (whose name translates to “from Capri”) can be prepared at home with fresh mozzarella cheese, fragrant basil leaves, and tomatoes drizzled in dressing on a panino. However, to elevate it to an elevated level, one must incorporate premium Italian ingredients.

16. Cubano

This sandwich was initially popularized in either Miami or Tampa by Cuban immigrants. Roasted pork, ham, and Swiss cheese that have been marinated in mojo, along with sliced dill cucumbers and mustard, are served on a griddle-pressed Cuban bread that is both crusty and airy.

17. Reuben

The origin of this hot corned beef sandwich is uncertain; some claim it was created in a New York deli to impress an actress in Omaha during a poker game, while others attribute its success to the combination of sauerkraut, melted Swiss, and dark or marbled rye with Russian dressing.

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