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Top 11 SANDWICHES in the World

1. Bánh mì

Top 11 SANDWICHES in the World

Popular in Vietnam, Bánh mi (pronounced ‘bun mee’) is a variation of sandwiches that revolve around a baguette center piece. Having been introduced to Vietnam during the colonial era, the baguette is currently regarded as one of the few joyful relics from that era.

The enduring influence of French and Chinese colonialism is evident in the crusty bread, condiments, and meats, whereas the inclusion of cilantro, chile, and pickles signifies the Vietnamese preference for crisp vegetables and vibrant tastes. Initially, the banh mi sandwich comprised primarily of bread, pork, and seasonings, with no vegetables added.

2. Tombik Döner

Tombik doner, also referred to as gobit kebab, is a variant of doner kebab in which the minced meat is encased in pide ekmek, a bun-shaped flatbread. The bread possesses a tender interior and a firm exterior. Depending on the preference of the patron, this dish is customarily accompanied by a variety of supplementary components, including tomatoes, onions, lettuce, or other vegetables and condiments.

3. Shawarma

Top 11 SANDWICHES in the World

Shawarma, a delectable meat delicacy originating from the Ottoman Empire, is marinated and spit-roasted. The nomenclature of this culinary creation, derived from the Arabic rendering of the Turkish word cevirme (meaning “to turn; turning”), pertains to the rotating skewer utilized in its preparation.

Shawarmas are prepared using a variety of meats, including lamb, turkey, poultry, beef, or a combination thereof. These meats are basted in their own juices and fat for several hours, which imparts an unparalleled succulence. However, the crux of an impeccable shawarma lies in the marinade.

4. Tortas

Mexican tortas are delectable traditional sandwiches stuffed with authentic Mexican ingredients that are primarily flavorful. They are distinctively Mexican in that they are baked in bread rolls, an ingredient that is not commonly linked to the country.

Two types of bread are frequently included in tortas: bolillos, which have a French influence, and teleras, which are authentic Mexican pastries originating from Puebla and resembling bolillos in shape. The rolls are buttered, sliced horizontally, and stuffed with an assortment of popular Mexican ingredients, including beans, avocados, ham, queso, jalapeños, and a variety of other traditional Mexican dishes including shredded beef, roasted pork, fried beef or poultry, and tamales.

5. Lobster Roll

Top 11 SANDWICHES in the World

A lobster roll is a delicacy unique to Maine, composed of lobster flesh that has been cooked and, ideally, spread with melted butter onto long hot dog rolls. The sandwich may also contain black pepper, lettuce, lemon juice, and salt. Side dishes that adhere to tradition consist of potato crisps or french fries.

Irrespective of its inception, the state of Maine upholds the tradition by providing an extensive variety of lobster rolls, instigating an unending discourse regarding the optimal preparation method and the individual responsible for producing the finest rolls.

6. Sandwich de lomo

Sandwich de lomo, also known as lomito, is an enormous variant of the steak sandwich. It consists of ham, cheese, thinly sliced lomo beef, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, mayonnaise, chimichurri sauce, and a fried egg. This sandwich is certain to satisfy even the most ravenous of diners.

However, this delectable sandwich is adaptable; for instance, pork may be substituted for the sirloin, or aubergine slices may be added, in addition to any other vegetable or fruit that one may consider. Conspicuous in Buenos Aires and Montevideo, Uruguay, a multitude of street wagons distributing this delicacy are replete with it.

7. Montreal smoked meat

Top 11 SANDWICHES in the World

Montreal smoked meat is a variety of Montreal, Canada-originating charcuterie meat sandwiches. Although it resembles pastrami and corned beef sandwiches, the meat utilized in this preparation possesses a unique flavor profile and method of preparation. Romania is credited with the invention of pastrami, a cured beef product made by smoking and pickling succulent and fatty brisket cuts before coating them in a mixture of seasonings and peppercorns.

8. Mozzarella in carrozza

Although it is consumed throughout Italy, mozzarella in carrozza (literally “mozzarella in a carriage”) is an Italian breaded sandwich that is particularly well-liked in Campania. Crumbless, slightly stale bread, mozzarella cheese (preferably di bufala variety), flour, milk, and whisked eggs comprise the sandwich.

An additional variation exists, which incorporates anchovies. After the sandwiches have been assembled, they are dipped in a mixture of flour and cold water to prevent the cheese from escaping. Subsequently, they are coated in beaten eggs before being deep-fried until the exteriors are crisp and beautifully browned.

9. Meat and Cold Cuts Bánh Mì (Bánh mì thịt)

Top 11 SANDWICHES in the World

A traditional Vietnamese variation of the bánh m�� sandwich, bánh m�� thệ that signifies meat. The sandwich, as its name implies, consists of a variety of cold meats from Vietnam, including sliced roasted pork, pork belly, chả (sliced ham), chẎ lỡa pork sausage, cucumbers, mayonnaise, pickled carrots and daikon, and liver paté rolled into a bánh mú roll.

Typical garnishes for the sandwich include sliced chile peppers, black pepper, and coriander. These meat-filled sandwiches are a staple among factory laborers and schoolchildren throughout Vietnam. Although typically consumed for breakfast and supper, the sandwiches sold at street stall vendors can be consumed at any time of day.

10. Texas Brisket Sandwich

Texas has a rich history of smoking brisket, which is not only a delectable fatty delicacy but also a flavorful sandwich filling. Although Texas brisket sandwiches are more of an idea than a specific recipe, they do feature a slow-smoked brisket, whether chopped or sliced, which is the undisputed protagonist regardless of the type of bread or toppings utilized.

Whether arranged in a sandwich between bread slices, stacked on a toasted bun, served alone or drenched in sauce, and adorned with garnishes including cheese, pickles, and onions, the smoky brisket meat ensures that each taste is a mouthwatering masterpiece.

11. Roasted Pork Belly Bánh Mì

Bánh mì heo quay is an authentic rendition of the traditional Vietnamese bánh mý sandwich, wherein the primary component is barbecued pork belly. Roasting the pork in a substantial coating of salt and seasonings. Following slicing, it is placed on a recently baked bánh m�� roll.

Subsequently, a garnish comprising of cucumbers, cilantro, scallions, pickled carrots and daikon, and mayonnaise is applied to the sandwich. Slicing chili peppers may be utilized as a topping for the sandwich, if preferred, to increase its level of heat. Before adding the sliced pork belly to the sandwich, poultry liver pate may also be spread on one side of the bánh m�� heo quay.

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