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20 Healthy Sandwiches for When You Want a Handheld Meal

The days when tedious sandwiches consisted of a piece of bread and sliced meat jammed together are long gone. In contrast, peruse the following assortment of sandwiches, sliders, paninis, and wraps stuffed with crisp vegetables, flavorful spreads, and succulent meats. These nutritious sandwiches, containing no more than 600 calories each, are a veritable nutrition package in your hand.

1. Pulled Pork Gyros with Dilled Radish Tzatziki

20 Healthy Sandwiches for When You Want a Handheld Meal

Spice-rubbed lean pork that has been cooked slowly in red wine for an entire day is remarkably tender and delectable. Shredded and served in a pita with homemade Greek yogurt tzatziki, this ingredient contributes to a nutritious and lightened sandwich.

2. Sweet-Spicy Barbecued Chicken Sliders

In search of a nutritious sandwich comprising buffalo chicken? Here, your quest comes to an end. These sliders are composed of pre-made rolls (whole wheat is recommended for added fiber) and sauced leftover or rotisserie chicken, making it effortless to prepare a large quantity in a short period of time.

3. Pickled Beet Sandwiches

20 Healthy Sandwiches for When You Want a Handheld Meal

These toasted, healthful sandwiches feature piquant pickled beets and peppy watercress, to which a small amount of prosciutto adds a lovely touch. We sprinkle a few crumbled potato chips (baked or kettle-cooked, if desired) on top of the second slice of bread for added texture.

4. Sloppy Veggie Sandwiches

All of the meat is substituted with hearty lentils and brown rice in these slow cooker pseudo joes. Veggie sammies are difficult even picky consumers will find difficult to differentiate from their beefy counterparts.

5. Smoked Salmon Flatbread

20 Healthy Sandwiches for When You Want a Handheld Meal

This nutritious sandwich with cream cheese, lox, and capers will transport you to a New York deli. We substitute a flatbread for a bagel in order to reduce the calorie content per tortilla to 284.

6. Italian Veggie Heroes

Who says animal enthusiasts ought to have all the fun? Enjoy while piling on the vegetables and Parmesan. Consider utilizing various dipping condiments, including ranch dressing, Thousand Island, or barbecue sauce.

7. Balsamic Honey Pulled Pork Sliders

20 Healthy Sandwiches for When You Want a Handheld Meal

These effortless-to-assemble sliders are ideal for entertaining. Simmer the meat on dinner rolls soaked in butter, then garnish with cucumbers and vitamin-rich coleslaw. When organizing a social gathering, prepare an entire spread of these convenient mini sandwiches that can be quickly consumed.

8. Falafel and Vegetable Pitas

Veggie-filled and composed of whole wheat pitas for the “bun” and whole wheat flour for the falafel binder, these nutritious sandwiches contain eight grams of satiating fiber. Vegetables obtained from the farmers market may be substituted for flavor variety. The yogurt dipping condiment significantly elevates the dish.

9. Coffee-Rubbed Salmon Sandwiches

20 Healthy Sandwiches for When You Want a Handheld Meal

Does it contain sweetness? Is it palatable? Both, in fact. The unanticipated coffee flavor will tantalize your taste receptors. It is filling and decadent in a manner that fish is not always the case. The sour cream provides a revitalizing contrast to the espresso granules.

10. Thai Shrimp and Cucumber Wraps with Rice

This wrap is flavorful enough to be considered a main course. Without being overpowering, the unique components of sriracha and brown sugar sweeten and flavor the sauce. The fiber added by the jasmine rice completes the nutritional profile.

11. Yellow Squash and Feta Grilled Toast

20 Healthy Sandwiches for When You Want a Handheld Meal

Utilize an abundance of squash to prepare nutritious open-faced sandwiches for your lunch. After grilling the bread and vegetables, sandwich them with a piquant cream cheese mixture and garnish with an abundance of fresh arugula. Two portions are available for a total of 286 calories.

12. Greek Sloppy Joe Pitas

Sandwiches for a quick meal should never be tedious. Lean ground lamb rendered in opulent red wine tomato sauce serves as a delectable, nutritious, and light sandwich filling. Fetus and Kalamata olives, which have a Mediterranean flavor, are utilized to garnish these pita pockets.

13. Paleo Waldorf Salad Lettuce Wraps

20 Healthy Sandwiches for When You Want a Handheld Meal

Quite tasty is an accurate description of this wrap. Additionally, it maintains lunch brief, nutrient-dense, and nutritious. In the absence of adhering to the paleo diet, one may augment the protein content by substituting whole wheat bread or tortillas for romaine.

14. Asian-Style Chicken Lettuce Wraps

A delicious method to reduce carbohydrate and calorie intake while transforming a favorite lunch into a healthy sandwich recipe is with lettuce wraps. Butterhead lettuce stuffed with chicken and vegetables seasoned with Asian spices is a slow cooker favorite that requires no preparation.

15. Greek Lamb Wraps

20 Healthy Sandwiches for When You Want a Handheld Meal

When gradually cooked and finely diced, lamb serves as a succulent filling for sandwiches. Incorporate it alongside a light mayonnaise spread, freshly harvested vegetables, and reduced-fat feta cheese to create an exceptional and healthful Greek sandwich wrap.

16. Cheesy Chicken Sloppy Joe Sliders

This substantial sandwich is both flavorful and economical. This lunch is quite simple to prepare, as it only requires common pantry ingredients, grated cheese, and ground chicken. By incorporating minced turkey and ground beef, the flavor of this nutritious sandwich could be subtly altered, preventing it from becoming monotonous after repeated preparations.

17. Grilled Turkey Gyros

In lieu of traditional tzatziki, lighten an indulgent gyro recipe with lean minced turkey and a cool, fat-free cucumber-yogurt sauce. Cucumbers and vibrantly diced tomatoes comprise the filling of these grilled Mediterranean sandwiches.

18. Sesame-Ginger Turkey Wraps

Make international rolls with slow-cooked turkey and crisp slaw coated in a sesame-ginger stir-fry sauce as an alternative to ordering takeout. This Asian-inspired low-fat recipe will assist you in maintaining a healthy weight without sacrificing flavor.

19. Avocado Ranch Tuna Melts

Half the fat content of creamy tuna melts can be achieved through intelligent ingredient substitutions, such as using light mayonnaise and ultra-thin cheese segments, and maintaining an open-faced sandwich. We incorporated avocado and broccoli slaw blend for nutritional value and flavor complexity into this traditional and nutritious sandwich.

20. Avocado BLT Club Sandwiches

By combining pureed avocado, garlic, mayonnaise, and lemon juice, this nutritious sandwich is elevated to an entirely new level. If you enjoy eating sandwiches on toasted bread, this recipe will quickly become a lunchtime staple. French rolls, sourdough, and whole wheat are all excellent toppings.

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